International Trade in Suhai

Nantong Suhai International Trade Co., Ltd. has a master of the British, Japanese, German, Korean and other small language business team of outstanding professional. The main business scope of the company includes heavy steel structure and light steel structure workshop, petrochemical pipe rack, bridge, truss, profiled steel structure, steel structure high-grade villa, platform and canopy, metal polyurethane insulation board, steel structure three-dimensional and mobile garage Steel tiles and steel processing and steel products related to the import and export trade. Since the establishment of the company, the scale of operation has been expanding, the performance increased year by year, customers have been all over Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Australia.


 Suhai Guomao relying on the Soviet Union Group strong scientific research, development and industrial strength, to serve as the guide, innovation and development, and strive to provide customers with first-class products and professional services, high-quality to meet customer requirements and expectations, common Create a more brilliant performance. With the overall strength of the ever-increasing, the company has become the industry has a significant impact on the benchmarking enterprises. Based on trade, relying on industry, the steel industry as the core to drive related products, the company is moving in the global procurement, global sales, with comprehensive value-added capabilities and composite competitiveness of the global steel supply chain service integrators steadily.
 Suhai Guomao will continue to adhering to the "first fight in China, a world-class, cast the glory of the country trade," the development of ideas, forge ahead, cast extraordinary, to the international first-class hardware facilities and software management for domestic and foreign guests to provide quality, Satisfied with the service, and constantly strengthen the brand value of China International Trade, and further enhance the Soviet Union in the global trade in the field of trade status.




Nantong Soviet Union and Eastern Steel Co., Ltd.

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